Parents Corner


The academic year is divided into following three terms

          1st Term                April to July

          2nd Term               August to November

          3rd Term               December to February



          Summer       07:30am  to  12:30pm

          Winter          08:00am  to  01:00pm


There is 30 minutes break during class hours. The students are supervised from 07:00am to 1:00pm in summer and 8:00am to 1:45pm in the winter. The school does not accept any liability for students outside these hours. Any change in the school time will be notified to the parents.



          Play group    :       2 .5 +          (years)

          Nursery        :       3 +    (years)

          Prep             :       4 +    (years)

          Class 1         :       5 +    (years)




1.       White Shirt

2.       Grey Trouser

3.       Black Shoes

4.       Black Socks

5.       Navy Blue Sweater/Coat

6.       Neck Tie

7.       School Cap



1.       Sky Blue Qameez

2.       White Shalwar

3.       Black Shoes

4.       white Socks

5.       Navy Blue sweater/coat

6.       White scarf



The school has well qualified and experienced lady teacher on its staff who are fully devoted to their profession. They educate and train the students with complete love, care, dedication and care. Student’s punishment is not allowed in any case, all disciplinary cases are resolved with parent’s involvement.



‘First aid’ is extended to the children if there is any injury to the students during school hours.



To have the step with modern world we should have English a our medium still the subjects like Urdu & Islamic studies would be held in National Language.



The students are registered any time during the year but admission is made in April. The classes will start in the first week of April. The selection is purely on merit, determined on the basis of test given in urdu, mathematics, G. sciences and English. How over this may be subjected to variation of depending on the nature of case.



Debates, dramas and speech contents are arranged for all classes and all the national days and religious festivals are celebrated with due solemnity and grace. Every Friday is the day for Bazm-e-Adab where all the students are provided with opportunity to shape their talent and face audience with ultimate goal of creating self confidence.



Examination year is divided in three terminals and progress report of each term is prepared and sent to parents/guardians. These reports display the marks obtained by the student in each subject, attendance record, medical examination details and area for improvement of the child. All the parents are requested to sign these progress reports as proof that they have read them.



Audio video aids are used by the teachers to make their lessons more meaningful and interesting, where required. The school has a good collection of stuff for audio video aids in order to make lessons more beneficial.



The school has an excellent library which plays a vital role in dissemination of knowledge and teaching. The library is stocked with encyclopedias, story books, Islamic books, computer book, handbooks, and other knowledge book.



The school maintains a well furnished computer lab equipped with latest computers. The students are given hands on training on these computers to face challenges of the time. The management is committed to promote the computer literacy among the students of the school and therefore computer subject is compulsory for all classes starting from prep.



In order to make the concepts of science students, the school has well equipped science lab. The lab has updated practical apparatus for following subjects


·        Physics

·        Chemistry

·        Biology




Academic proficiency has been the hallmark of the FPS. The school maintains a teacher student ratio of 1 : , 23allowing a good measure of individual attention to each student.

Limited quantum of home work is given to the children to provide abundant free time at home. The Pre-Primary Junior and Senior classes are activity based. The playway method of teaching, followed in these classes, makes learning a wonderful experience for every child. At this stage, emphasis is laid on developing language, visual and listening skills. The classrooms are done up colourfully so as to interest the minds of the little ones. The activity room with audio and visual aids is a place where children listen to stories, watch cartoons and discuss what they have seen and heard.

Promotion to the next class is purely of the basis of merit as judged by the performance of the student in the examination conducted through out the academic session.



In all FPS public schools, class sizes in the early years of schooling have been considerably reduced to ensure an appropriate teacher-student ratio. From 2005 onwards, all Kindergarten classes will have a ceiling of 20 students and all Year 1 classes will have a ceiling of 22 students.



It is essential that parents / caregivers or their delegate can be contacted immediately in case of emergency. As part of the enrolment process it is vital that parents provide this information to make certain that the welfare of their child is assured. Please inform the school immediately of any changes to your emergency contact details



The school operates a comprehensive excursion program. Excursions are planned in response to the curriculum provided and each excursion is designed to support the learning of outcomes across a number of key learning areas. Excursions are thoroughly planned as per the Foundation Educational Society and Training’s excursion policy. Parents are given appropriate notice for excursions and parent/caregiver permission is a mandatory prerequisite for all students participating in these activities. The school endeavors to keep excursions costs at a rate affordable to parents according to the context of the actual excursion.



All students should have their property clearly labeled with their name and will be returned to its owner in the best possible way. Property left at school without names for an extended period of time will be disposed of either by being given to a charity.




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