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Principal’s Message











Dear Parents/Guardians,


Welcome to Foundation Public School. We are delighted to welcome you to our school if you are a new parent, and extremely happy about our returning parents.


We can assure you this is an excellent school with a staff that really cares about the children. We hope you and your child can remain at Foundation Public the entire school years. If you ever have a question about your child, please feel free to contact the office so that the appropriate person can deal with your concern. Also, if you have any suggestions or good news to share, please let us hear from you.


Our staff is looking forward to meeting you and getting you involved in our school. Working cooperatively, we hope to assure each of our students the opportunity to grow to his/her fullest potential­ educationally, socially and emotionally. Again, it is good to have all of you as our Foundation Public parents.


Foundation Public School is comprised of dedicated professionals who, with the continued support of involved parents and community, strive to meet the ever-changing needs of students.  In our quest to inspire and nurture a passion for learning, the faculty and staff implement innovative programs that enhance students' innate abilities and challenge them to reach their maximum potential.


Parents are always invited to be involved as a volunteer in classrooms or the library, and to participate in the parent group called Parents Teachers Association (PTA). Through teamwork and dedication to continuous improvement we will soar to excellence. When children hear you, as parents, talking about school in a positive manner, about education as a means to an end, something important, and that you support their teachers, then they realize that they must do their work, behave, and do whatever is necessary to be successful.  Your support and positive comments about the school to your children will make our job of educating and your job of parenting much easier and we'll all be more successful.  It's a wonderful cycle.


 I love being principal at Foundation Public School.  The competency, professionalism, and esprit the corps of my colleagues makes this a fun and productive place to work.  The overall cooperation and support from parents is like icing on the cake.  Thank you for helping to make this another great year!






Foundation Public School

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